Has The Capitals Mentality Changed?

Posted on October 08, 2013 by Talk The Red

Well, the ‘Heart-Attack Caps’ are back and with them the 2013-2014 NHL season.  Through threw games we’ve seen some great signs, as well as a few aspects of their game that requires some attention.  The one thing I am confident in that needs no work or adjustment is the Caps’ mentality as a whole.  From the ownership down to the players that may fluctuate between the big league club and Hershey, everyone is on the same page; from Coach Oates’ system and attention to detail, to players being held accountable, and most importantly how close this team is to becoming great. 

Even after their tough road loss to open the season against the defending Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks, the attitude in and around the locker room was optimistic, upbeat and determined.  Many of the Caps have expressed their views in different interviews, but the theory was the same, one game will not define this team and the sky is the limit. 

Brooks Laich, in his latest interview with the Sports Junkies on 106.7 The Fan said it best.

“We break down the video from every game, we break down video of upcoming games, we see what teams are like, their strengths and weaknesses, and every day we see ours. And we know a lot more than people, I don’t know, think, believe that we know.  But we have a solid, solid team. I really believe that we are right on the cusp, closer than ever before and I’ve been here ten, eleven years, and I believe we are closer than ever before.”

Mike Green added in an interview with the one and only Mike Vogel, “I think in my head, we’ve been a good team for so long. It’s time that we become a great team.”

To hear guys like Brooks Laich and Mike Green, two of the many veterans who in the past have enjoyed plenty of expectations, regular season success and playoff woes, all echoing the same mentality of speaking so confidently and matter-of-factly about this particular team is thrilling.  Yes, we have all put the Capitals under the microscope and have been on what feels like the same rollercoaster for years now, but something tells me this year is different.  Usually we hear the gurus and the know-it-alls put astronomical expectations on them, but this is the first time I can remember an entire Caps organization so overwhelmingly optimistic and dead serious about that optimism. 

I’m glad that the Caps aren’t content with just being a good team and perennial playoff attendee.  The players deserve more, the organization deserves more and the FANS deserve.

By Special Contributor Bryan Adams

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