Can Calle Turn It Around?

Posted on October 25, 2013 by Luc Comeau

Hallowe'en is coming, and I might just dress up as a Caps defenseman - it would be scary.

As @VogsCaps writer Mike Vogel said during the @Talkthered podcast this week, in a salary-cap world you can't have strength everywhere so you have to be thin in at least one area. Well, 10 games in we know where that area is.

It's not just about Mike Green's stinker game, which to his credit he openly addressed in a follow-up interview.

During the Winnipeg game, the sustained waves of Jets offense, the turnovers, the easy zone entries, and our riverboat gambling reminded me of some of the worst games during Boudreau's tenure - especially when the cardiac kids ended up winning it anyways. Good thing Holtby was sharp.

The Caps defense is a team concern at this point, Oates can say "we talked about it" as much as he wants in interviews, something needs to change in not only the D's capacity to hold the fort, but also in the forwards' ability to support the defense.  For all the all-world talk about Ovi, he still looks lost to me on at least two d-zone coverage plays per game.

So what can Calle Johannson do?  Rein in the increased offensive bent that he has given his D-men? Bench other players during games when they are not on?  Sit a top-4 D to send a message?  Make small adjustments? 

Great teams can clamp down on others and finish them off.  We are definitely not there yet. Here's to hoping Calle can take us there, otherwise Oates will have to dip into our alumni pool to find another D coach.


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