What if Leonsis Got a Passing Grade in June?

Posted on November 15, 2013 by Luc Comeau

In the past week Ted Leonsis gave himself a failing grade as Caps owner since 1999, because of the fact that the Capitals haven't yet won a Stanley Cup (see http://t.co/8NDZDUbxIO.)

I agree with Ted's take, I have measured this team with that simple metric since I became a fan in 1982.  I'm disappointed at the drought, and agree that leadership should own up to it.  Ted has, and to me it's a lesson in humility which re-establishes our clear focus even more.

But what if we do see Ovi hoisting Stanley?  What would we be thinking then? Once the parade ends and the Cup visits every player's hometown, what will our outlook be?

I'm wondering whether a lot of us will keep the guarded cynicism that has tainted a lot of discussions about our favorite team.

Could we transition into a quiet confidence and a deeper discussion in the blogosphere?

I think that we'd automatically be discussing a repeat championship, and debating the team's strengths and weaknesses every year.

I'm convinced that there would be less hand-wringing and self-mortification.

What do you think?

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