George McPhee bids farewell to D.C.

Posted on April 30, 2014 by Steven Sullivan

Capitals GM George McPhee

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            On Monday, April 28, George McPhee was available to the media after he received the news that his contract would not be renewed. For the first time in 17 seasons the Washington Capitals will be in search for a new general manager.

            “No one told me I have to be a GM for a living, I signed up for this. There are some dark days, but a heck of a lot good ones, it’s been a fabulous experience, it has been a fun ride, that’s what it is suppose to be,” McPhee said.

            The Capitals did not make the playoffs for the first time since 2007, prompting owner Ted Leonsis to make a change.

            “I refuse to be bitter about anything and I am not going to look back, I blame no one. I was the manager, I did the best I could… I’ve got lots to be thankful for, my family has lots to be thankful for, and lots to look forward too,” McPhee said.

            During McPhee’s half hour-long press conference he reflected upon the teams he has put together. He believes there was a five-year stretch where the Capitals had a legit shot at the Stanley Cup. The past couple of years they were thin.

            McPhee believes this team has a very bright future, “I really believe this team is positioned to win, to be back in the finals in the next 3 years. It’s going to be a really good team going forward,” McPhee said.

            A follow up question was asked about him not being the GM if the Capitals were to win a cup, “That’s the business, am I disappointed I was terminated, of course. It’s not the end of the world, I have had worse days in my life,” McPhee said.

            McPhee discussed how attractive the Capitals GM job is, “This organization is in great shape, we don’t have any bad contracts on the books, lots of cap space to work with, a great affiliation in Hershey,” McPhee said.

            Later in the conference, McPhee was asked about Alexander Ovechkin, “I don’t want to answer questions about individuals… I blame no one for any of the things that have gone on here, in this year not working out. I was the manager,” McPhee said.

            George McPhee is still under contract with the Capitals until July 1. If teams inquire about McPhee they must go through the Capitals. McPhee discussed his desire to be a GM again, “If there’s another GM’s job in the future, someone gives me the opportunity, I’d love to do it again and I’ll go to Iceland to do it. Doesn’t matter where it is,” McPhee said.

            McPhee isn’t just waiting for the next job, he is waiting for the right job, “It’s gotta be the right opportunity, obviously, and I’d be delighted if someone picked up the phone. The job for me, it’s gotta feed the soul, it’s gotta feel good, gotta work with good people,” McPhee said.











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