Cap Development Camp Recap: Day 4

Posted on July 11, 2014 by Steven Sullivan

            A father wearing his Capitals jersey, holding his son up to the glass as they watch. Families sitting together in the rafters proudly wearing Caps paraphernalia. The Capitals held their first development camp scrimmage of the week.

            After the first day of scrimmage, players are standing out. “There are a few players who jump off the ice. Burakovsky has been playing well, Vrana’s played very well, Stephenson’s played well,” assistant coach Lane Lambert said.  Andre Burakovsky, Jakub Vrana,, and Chandler Stephenson all scored in the scrimmage. Vrana’s goal has become a fan favorite.

              Burakovsky played center for the first time.  “It was good for me… It felt good out there actually,” Burakovsky said. He doesn’t care where he plays, as long as he is out on the ice. Changing position doesn’t alter his game. “I just go out there and do what I am best on and I think it worked out,” Burakovsky said.

            Another player who was called to try something new was Madison Bowey. He was called upon in the shootout. Even though he didn’t score, Bowey enjoyed trying something new. “It was a little different, but it’s always nice to get that opportunity, it’s pretty cool,” Bowey said. It has only been three days of camp, but he can already notice the camp’s impact on his performance. “It helped me a lot out there.  I think I’m more comfortable with the puck and more poised, and able to make plays under pressure,” Bowey said. 

            Stephenson who was drafted by the Capitals, scored in the slot. “It felt good… Walks (Nathan Walker) cut to the middle and calling for it… Threw it in that little opening I saw,” Stephenson said. Nathan Walker was a third round draft pick. He is also the first Australian selected in an NHL draft.  

            Yesterday was the first day of scrimmaging, but already players are noticing the impact of the drills on their game. “There a couple of things I was trying to do… Some of them didn’t work out, but that’s the problem trying new things. They are not going to work out instantly,” Walker said.

            “There’s a lot of stuff that Lambert was showing us, just little things around the net, shooting in stride, a lot of different techniques and stuff like that,” Stephenson said.

            The format of the scrimmage was a period, shootout, and then period. Penalties were called, but not served. The player would just go to the bench. The coaches don’t want players’ ice time cut down, because of penalties. The scrimmage concluded in a tie.













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