Caps Development Camp Recap: Day 5

Posted on July 14, 2014 by Steven Sullivan

            Before Saturday’s highly anticipated Washington Capitals fan fest, the prospects had one more scrimmage. Nathan Walker was mic’d up for this scrimmage. A fan can hear vividly Walker encouraging his teammates, giving directions, and correcting himself. This is not the first time he has worn special equipment. Earlier in development camp Walker was wearing a Gopro camera on his helmet.

            With the Capitals only having one scrimmage left, coaches are noticing players, “There’s been a lot of good players out there. I think, what stands out for me is pretty decent structure and there’s a good skill level,” assistant coach Lane Lambert said. Lambert, who was an assistant coach to Barry Trotz in Nashville is familiar with Trotz’s development camps. “There are subtle differences,” Lambert said.

             Lambert continued to discuss the importance of development camp. He went on to talk about teaching players “The Washington Capitals way.” “It’s team first. You’re able to count on the guy beside you… There’s a lot of togetherness. There’s a lot of team oriented concepts that we work on this week,” Lambert said. The Capitals are in the process of establishing a new culture with not only the prospects, but with the team as well.

              Assistant coach, Todd Reirden, explained the Capitals way is in development, “Something we are still formulating as a staff… I think we are going to work, we’re going to compete, we’re going to come to win,” Reirden said. Every team has their own unique identity. Reirden wants watch and interact with the players. He added the team should go through some training camp games, before they formulate a specific identity.

              Before Reirden’s conference ended he  discussed the potential Capitals defensive pairings, “The logic would be to right away go with something that’s comfortable, but I think it’s more important to get some of the things we are going to do and split them up,” Reirden said.

              The Capitals have a few months before training camp begins. “We will try some different looks, certainly at the beginning of training camp, more so than we get closer to the end. I think it will be a healthy competition,” Reirden said.



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